Have ik and fk animations on the same character?

I’m working on animating my character for a video game I’m making.

I have a run animation using fk on the legs.

When I switch the action editor to my ‘idle’ animation im working on and then change to the ik legs it completely destroys the data on the legs for the fk run animation. At which point I reset from my blender file…

Is there anyway to have both legs stored?

So far I’ve spent 10hours x3 hours running into a lot of problems that don’t exist on the video tutorials for animation.

I really want to get to the point where I can make a character in a day like the pros. Modeled Rigged Skinned and Animated. (24hours-38hours) So any help is appreciated! Thanks!


did you set up IK/FK switching?

I have both bones but not sure. I doubt it, I’ll look that up now

I looked it up and I do have IK FK switching.

What my problem appears to be is that how do I keep one action to use fk only?

Because I got the animation to play properly when switching back to fk

Also having trouble parenting clothes to ik bones. They go all over the place don’t hold the same position as the mesh.

Just press the I-key over the IK/FK switching text field. Set it to FK at the beginning of one animation and insert a keyframe on the text field. set it to IK for the other and press the I-key over the text field at the beginning of the other