Have problem writing a reply in my thread?

Sorry, this may be my browser issue, but I also do not know, sorry my language is a bit weird in vidio,

I login in blenderartist, then I want to reply in my thread, I click reply, then appear reply form , initially fine,
I wrote in notepad ++ what I want to write in my reply, it took more than 20 minutes, I copy text to the textarea from the web and I edit it in textarea, I submit it, it appears the login form, I have logged in before, then I Login again, and the web page displays blank after login redirect, then i back 2x so i dont have to input anymore (because back 1x will appear redirect and will redirect to blank again) then what happened, i do not know what happened but i think It’s browser error, I use chrome

That’s certainly an interesting error. I wasn’t able to listen to your audio (yet) as this machine has no speakers and I don’t have any headphones at the moment… but it looks like you have BA showing up in the textarea where you’re supposed to write your post. That’s certainly a new one for me. Can you get this behavior consistently? What extensions do you have installed in Chrome?

That is an interesting error…Never seen this kind of error before

My chrome has some extensions, Internet download manager for integration with IDM and Proxy SwitchySharp to change HTTP proxy quickly, I use proxy because, some wifi connection in my place does not allow me to open some websites like youtube, twitter, facebook for some reason . But at that time I did not use proxy. And I’m not using IDM. I think my browser is error. But I think my browser is fine after I refresh it, but of course I have to input again, :frowning:

I just want to reply in my thread, https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?428744-Blender-Game-Engine-can-Blender-make-a-game-for-android,

about HTML5 reply