Have to love those issues with friends that don't really involve you - names changed

Hi Gloria,
Read your email.
Firstly, I am glad that you contacted me and told me why things have gone sour between you and Samantha. I have been quite confused but have not attempted to address this with you and Donald. My confusion started at Donald’s stag when he confided that he considered me a better friend than Samantha. I thought that it was a strange thing to say.
Samantha than called me to pick her up and she seemed quite upset - she felt that you were being cold towards her and couldn’t understand why. I assume that Phoebe Mexted had been in contact with you by this time.
Now - to really address the issue and perhaps this is something that Phoebe Mexted hasn’t told you.
Her boyfriend Luke Murdoc - I believe you guys were around when he was trying to pin Samantha down for phonecalls that Phoebe Mexted was making to his family and her attempts to break up their marriage. with specific regard to one call she made to Trade Mark (where his fiance worked) while at our house.
Well - unkown to Samantha, Luke called me at 3am on a Sunday wanting to meet. He came over around 3:30am while Samantha and the kids were asleep and we had a chat outside.
Luke came here under the impression that we had everything to do with his family finding out about his affair with Phoebe Mexted. He was apparently under the influence of drugs, visibly upset and looking for retribution.
I set him straight - told him that Phoebe Mexted was behind it all and asked him to stop hassling Samantha. He left but asked for a knife first which i refused to give.
Now, what happened after is the real root of Phoebe Mexted’s spite for Samantha and I - keeping in mind that Samantha was completely unware of all this and had not proactively communicated with Phoebe Mexted for at least 3 months prior, upon my request.
Luke headed over to a friends house where Mexted was waiting for him. He caused a scene and apparently bashed her - which she obviously deserved. Following all this a barrage of threats were sent by Mexted to Samantha’s phone blaming her for everything and vowing revenge. I set the record straight by telling her that Samantha had nothing to do with it - It was all my doing at which point she directed her threats towards me.
Phoebe Mexted has been communicating with several people off of Samantha’s friends list - she has been feeding them with malicious lies and false information - most of which is being relayed back to Samantha. None of the comments that you’ve listed that were supposedly said by Samantha was privileged information and you’re also forgetting how resourceful a rat like Phoebe Mexted is.
Samantha held you both in high regard and yes Mexted knew that you guys would come over, or stay over - she was privy to all this information but has added her spin to exact her revenge. Because I told Luke that she treated my house like a brothel with her ex while I had you guys over is the reason why she is targetting you.
I have just finished discussing this with Samantha and we both decided to conference call Phoebe Mexted. Samantha spoke and I remained silent. Her responce confirmed my suspicions and she admitted to feeding made up information to you and that she was just getting started.
I spoke to her boyfriend Luke Murdoc a few weeks back asking him to control Phoebe - unfortunatley it seems that ignorance is bliss and he is content to keep f*%$&ing away and allow her to ruin our lives because she couldn’t handle the embarrassment of the truth coming out.
Gloria/Donald - I didn’t have to write this email but the reason I did it is because I see you falling for Phoebe Mexted’s lies and I wanted you to know the entire story. Samantha did not say the things that you listed - it would never happen. Even to this day she thinks fondly about you guys and misses you. Unfortunately things have progressed to a stage where your comments about Samantha are very personal and I cannot interefere or intervene.
Instead I will post this comment on Samantha’s profile and forward to everyone that I know as well as Samantha’s friends list - in the hopes that if Phoebe tries this anymore than Samantha’s friends will be aware of the TRUTH!
I will also send this to Luke Murdoc’s wife and blow this wide open because frankly I need to clean house of rats like Phoebe Mexted and Luke Murdoc who drag us into their sordid affairs and than use us as SCAPEGOATS.

Draamaahs ug.

didn’t read it all, but am i wrong?