Have you done poetry before?

Because I wrote some pretty good poems back in middle school when we had to write poems. I’ll just make one up now.

To whom do you refer to as users that use Blender
And to who do you know who uses it alot.
And to who do you go to who makes images of splendor.
For who do you go who uses it and uses it not.

A Dragon, a giant baby, and a super hero do you meet.
Online among those who all use the software.
Sometimes though you’ll here the best artists tweet.
Tweeting the good artists tweet as when they acomplish grand goals from pushing their hardware.

Thought up and written all in 5 minutes.
So you good at poetry?

CD:So you good at poetry?

Oh no.

Okay, I wrote this poem tonight, or since it’s morning now, I guess LAST night. Though I warn you, it’s long :smiley:

============Paper Perfection=============

I sit here now, in total darkness,
Save for the light of the candle, on my wooden, splintered desk

It has upon it four sheets of paper, my quill, and my ink pot
My right hand and forearm, of course, are present as well

The sheets are stacked, with the bottom one so charred,
defiled with remnents of my thoughts and ideas carelessly scribbled upon it

And the next sheet up;
Defiled with but a few letters of precise writing,
No flaws can be seen, for it is folded in so many places,
If any such vices exist, they are ignored by me, or accepted as virtues

The second from the top;
So messy, so worn,
parts written with love and with blood,
And others with careless disconnect,
All folds open, creases no longer in sight

And for the top, so perfect, no writing in sight; no flaws can be seen, only perfect white,
Where my forearm rests, beneath lay a fold, one which till now I’ve ignored,
For so long I’ve been scared to defile the white with my blood or my ink,
And make impressions with my quill on the papers beneath

And as I was about to throw the bottom sheets away, to write to the top,
The fold I’d hidden from myself opened, and cut deep into my wrist,
I saw the only flaws beneath that fold,
And I watched the blood from my wound leak onto the page

It was a small amount, maybe but five drops, but it made the flaws worse,
And my candle fell upon the page, and made the brown spots burn red,
When I had snuffed the flame, there was only black left; I was forced to extinguish both flame and candle,
And the once brown spots were then black, and charred

Nothing is perfect, not even the sky, which is robbed of pure, black perfection by the white jewels it holds

I will scratch my prayers for forgiveness to my goddesses into my desk,
May my fingers fill with splinters, and may the grooves I carve flow with my blood,
I shan’t stop scratching till my pleas are complete

I shan’t, however, beg a mistress for forgiveness for things drained of context,
Or for promises uncompleted because time was not provided to finish them;
Ney shall I beg a mistress that has assaulted me with poorly founded accusations

I am their slave,
Bound to them with chains I forged myself to fit my role which is clear only to me,
But nothing lasts forever, not even the chains I ran through my bones,
When stressed, maybe they won’t break, but my bones are weaker than the iron with which the chains were forged,
And while both my bones will snap, and my flesh will tear,
With time my wounds will scab, then scar, and the pain will lose it’s hold

All thought up, written, and revised in like two hours :smiley:

Nothing is perfect, not even the sky, which is robbed of pure, black perfection by the white jewels it holds

Well there goes midnight with the dead moon in its jaws :]
It’s beautiful noob.
You have a taste for words.
I like how you divided it into sections about each paper.
Icoxo… get yourself a new hobby :]

Thanks, man :smiley:

Yup. Im currently working on a long piece of something. Ill type it up when I have more time.

I think Ill stick a little ad in here.

I do a lot of writing(mostly sci fi, most of it bad), and a lot of my friends do too. SOO, I started a forum for us.


As of now, its mostly dead. But occasionally someone will post something and it will spring back to life.

So if you are a writer, or just feel like sticking your email address somewhere else on the internet, feel free to join!

I wrote a little poetry back in the day, but I always was better at writing lyrics. I’m writing one at the moment (lyric) called “In a Bright Place”. May post it here.

n00b: I liked it a lot. You should post it on writingforums.com and get some feedback.

EDIT: MartyJ, I didn’t see your post, I meant I signed up on the writer insanity thing that Icoxo put the link for. I’ll go on writerfourm.com, too, K? I’m glad you like my poem! I think you’re really cool!

Okay, I signed up (as DeathKnight67675) and I posted my poem :smiley:
I write other poems sometimes, and I’ll post the rest of mine later… of course, I did it in the poetry section… I couldn’t figure out if that whole thing was your forum, or if just part of it was, and which part, I couldn’t determine, could you tell me?

ohhh, lol, i’m sorry bro. I didn’t mean to give the impression that it’s mine. It isn’t. It’s just that I’ve always found it to be a great site for getting feedback on my work, and I didn’t know if it would help you out or not.

Did you see my eidt? That question was directed at Icoxo :smiley: Thanks for answering, though!! YAY! Also, it probably will help me out. Thank you!

What, my forum? Is that what you’re asking?
I don’t own any forums if that’s what you meant.

The forum can be a place of enlightment
It can be a place that is dark
It can also be a place of joy
But yet one of sadness very deep.

The forum can be a place of great excitement
It can be one of those places people would mark.
It can be one place people treat as a writer’s toy.
Where people write and write for fun without sleep.


Blender 3D, the program for me.
it’s so much fun to build with CG.
I saw project Orange, the elephants dream
and though I don’t know what all it could mean
or why proog listens to the sound of the machine,
I know it is open, its all there for me
And who would have guessed: its totally free!

The future of Blender is astoundingly bright
animation, and fluids, and…cloth? - that’s right
so download your copy, install it tonight,
animate and blend with all of you might
it’ll satisfy your hunger, your love of CG.
There’s no better program than Blender 3D.


The Ford of Bruinen

White horses soaring down,
Roaring water rushing ‘round.
Vicious torrents consuming evil,
Calm river in upheaval.
Cool water, burning anger,
Plunging invincible into danger.
At command of Elrond’s might,
Forcing nazgul into flight.
Shapeless, formless, unappearing,
Washed away, horses rearing.
Satisfied with one last look,
The torrent fades to bubbling brook.

Sorry if it’s a bit too geeky for anybody.:smiley:

sorry for resurrecting this post but im sure it’d be prefered over starting a new one.


i stumbled across the desert
for years.
i ate sand,
i ate and ate but it was nothing for me,
it just came and passed.
the sun burnt my skin,
and i relished it,
delighted in the stench of burning flesh.

then i saw green,
a stream far off.
i walked closer, for a moment forgetting the sand,
which i thought i loved.
i saw the clear water,
falling and tumbling, living,
only then did i realize,
i was thirsty.

The King
is dead
thats what
they said
no more
he treads
my head
and eats
my bread
and takes
my bed
and steals
my wed
no more
he’s fed
you God
the King
is dead!

I was editor of my high school lit magazine for three years, but I haven’t written any poetry since. I find music to be a better release for abstract emotion. I also like short stories.

ahem… a haiku

sago, big baby
defeats the dragon cyborg
cleansing the menace

roses are red,
violets are blue,
this line doesn’t rhyme,
and neither does this one.

you bumped an old thread, orion. :stuck_out_tongue:

This world is too dark and melancholy
something has to be done
if this world i cannot change
then i shall create one

A world without the burden of man will arise.
Without the wars or the constant confusing lies.
I will become a god and create all the land
the creatures, the skies, everything will be sculpted by my hand.

A world as beautiful as anyone can concieve
flourishing with life and vibrant color indeed.
Every petal of every flower will be carefully composed.
Just like a skilled blacksmith completing the task he chose.

Emptiness is my canvas and the elements are my paint.
Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind i will utilize to articulate
This portrait i see within the confines of my mind
my masterpiece will be done in just a matter of time

Tis a tragedy that all of this will be unreal
that when the night fades, my dream it will steal
it is only in the digital world that this can exist
so much for a world that portrays complete bliss.

[INDENT] The silly dragon
Wonders if Blender artists
Can write poetry[/INDENT]

So many brooding Blender Artists in this forum, who would have guessed.

Here is my take on CD´s verse.:smiley:

To those refered as Benders of Blender
To those who use it alot
To those who splenda a render
And are the envy of those who do not.

A Dragon, nay a child, but of superhuman feat
Online tonight with the Artists he would like to meet
Discussing the renders of the fine Blender tweak
And impressing those Artists with his 5 renders neat.