have you ever seen this images from tutorial



the 3 black blueprints , from which site are they , sorry , searching for google was useless , …

i want those blueprints source so i can credit them in the thread , … :o

sorry if the thread is pointless for some , if you don’t like it then don’t post and that’s all .

thanks …

I have several art books and the outline drawings look very familiar to me. The problem is if they are from the source I think then using them could be a copyright violation. I’ll check tomorrow.

i didn’t copy them or dealt with them … , it was ititrx , so it is not my fault , but she said that they are free , and here in this thread , i’m going to make sure …

regards .

Looks like “Ideal Proportion, Male” drawing from Andrew Loomis’ “Figure Drawing for all its Worth.”

right orinoco , …
i didn’t use it in the tut , i used another one by captain oblivion in the same thread .

Sorry If you thought I was accusing you of something. They are from Andrew Loomis’s book and the latest copyright renewal appears to have been 1971 so it is possible they are public domain now.

Sorry If you thought I was accusing you of something.

nop , it’s not your fault , i’m accurate a little sometimes …

it is possible they are public domain now

thinking of how to make sure ? …

Depending on the country the artwork was created determines its copyright length. So you will have to try and find what country published the book.

And make the assumption that the artwork was created in 1971.

And assuming it is US:

  • pma = post mortem auctoris, (years) after the death of the author
  • p.d. = post divulgationem, (years) after publication
  • p.r. = post realisation, (years) after creation
  • ibid. = ibidem, “in the same place”

70 pma (works published since 1978)
95 p.d. or 120 p.r. whichever is shorter (anonymous works, pseudonymous works, or works made for hire, published since 1978)
95 p.d. for works published 1964-1977; 28 (if copyright not renewed) or 95 p.d. for works published 1923-1963 (Copyrights prior to 1923 have expired.)
Rule of the shorter term: No

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries’_copyright_length

http://www.the-blueprints.com/index.php?blueprints/humans/humans/3344/view/ ?? :smiley:

not precisely the same image/site maybe but one great reference site for sure. :slight_smile:

kit89 , felix , thanks too much .