Have you ever think of this?

Have you guys ever think that someday you will die? everyone of us has time. Sometimes I think my parents will die someday, my friends will die someday, my crush will die someday any many more about what will happen in the future. Sometimes when I’m making a blender project, something that comes in my mind that what will happen to that project? someday you will die and nobody knows anymore about your project in blender. I’m just keep thinking on what will happen in the future like someday I will have kids, get old and die. Its like, I dont wanna die! i want to live 4ever. But if you believe in God, you will say that is the result of adam & eve sin and the result is DEATH! I HATE IT!!! I dont wanna die! I WANNA MAKE MORE BLENDER PROJECTS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! or I’m just being weird? I dont know…you guys tell me if I’m right or weird.