Have you guys checked out this CD?

King Khan and the Shrines release a CD called What Is!? that I’ve taken quite a liking to. Are there any good CDs that you guys have found recently that were any good? Just one CD per post please. :rolleyes:

as always;


To the Nameless Dead

Oh my… whenever I see mention of a CD these days, I’m thinking of Cyborg Dragon instead of a Compact Disc. Not sure if that’s a good thing.

As for actual CDs, I don’t know, I’m a Youtube maniac these days. The latest stuff I’ve seem to fallen in love with is a song I heard while Olivia from “Fringe” was getting into lesbian sex (Fringe is another great J J Abrams show, which isn’t about sex at all but about unimaginable things and monsters. What else would you expect from Abrams? :ba: )

Hope it’s okay to post a link to teh tube instead, for those who don’t do CD anymore:

Bright Light Fever just released a new EP, and set up a website where all their stuff can be downloaded for free.

enter the code “giveittome”
If you like what you hear, there’s also a donation thing at the bottom of the page there.

But yeah, the new EP is pretty damn good, and it’s made me giddy for the last several days.

The best cd for me nowadays is “Demagoguery of the Obscurants” by Xenomorph.
Its a mix of goa-psytrance with goth/metal.


I promise I’ll check the CDs when I get home. :o

I Blame You by the Obits. I think I’ve already mentioned them on the forums already.

Alright, keep recommending :smiley:


I recently checked out Buju Banton’s “Unchained Spirit” from the local library and really enjoyed it. This fits as reggae, fyi.

Another that I enjoy regularly is on Magnatune, “Hands Across Black Earth”, album and artist of the same name. Dunno what the genre would be, half of the genres I hear of these days are brand new to me anyway.

I just try stuff and listen to what I like. I love the library for trying new stuff.

Awesome guys. I’ve checked out all the CDs, and while I don’t like all of them, I appreciate the recommendations.

If you guys haven’t check out the World of Goo Soundtrack by Kyle Gabler, I’d recommend you download it. It’s quite fun to listen to :smiley: