have you guys visited blendermania yet?

well, it seems only the forums are active at this time. And there was also a link by an Anonymous user to all the Blender scripts
just wanted to share the news…

I’ve visited www.blendermania.com plenty of times, but the website always looked dead in the water.

I wish the developers had kept their old content up instead of shutting it down for a “redesign” that never happened. As a webmaster, that’s not a smart thing to do since it drives away visitors.

Woah, so you mean that site was actually up at some point? Well, I suppose stranger things have happened… :slight_smile:

so you do actually believe it’s free to have a website like that running?

hrrrrm… i get “page cannot be displayed” when i just tried to go there…


Good to see another NZ’der here! :smiley: I look forward to seeing your site when it is up and running. I just get a single page with “Flashnet” displayed on it at the moment.


Certainly not. But I’m pretty darn sure that the webmaster’s main goal was/is to attract visitors. If his intent was to save all money, then why have a website with its own registered domain and server? Both are conflicting goals.

You guys have it all wrong.
I used to visit there many times in the old days. Their tutorials were very good and I first learned a lot from reading them every night.
One day the admin found out too late that the owners of the hardware went and deleted everything without even notifying him. Nothing was backed up, and a lot of those tutorials were lost forever :frowning:
I still feel like crying, one day there, the next poof, a big part of blender died. Now so much worse has happened, I know it cant get any worse because nothing else could be this bad.
Do anyone remember that lattice/fork tutorial, or the wave one with env maping, or the house one, or the ocean night scene, fog one, mist one, oh so many great tutorial, lost. :frowning:

Hi ,

Check this out!!! :


to find some of the tut`s :

add " /tutorials " to the end of the blendermania address


…Do anyone remember that lattice/fork tutorial, or the wave one with env maping, or the house one, or the ocean night scene, fog one, mist one, oh so many great tutorial, lost…

Actually, I believe the Green (aka Rash) still has a number of the old tuts. I have the ones you mentioned in print but not electronic form. I guess I could be convinced to rewrite them if the demand was great enough.

Oh my, I totally forgot to look Blendermania up in Archives.org!!! Thanks, Dale, now I got em!!! (used Zip up the web, a bit tricky because it’s php, but do one page at a time, and it works!)

Love Ingie

:frowning: Actually, so as not to mislead, I must, in fact tell ya’all that it didn’t work. I’m almost done saving all the needed pcs, then I’ll have to hand edit in html, ugh! But I might stick 'em back up on me web site if nobody objects??? or if anyone wants them when I’ve finished.


I’m pretty sure the general public won’t object, Ingiebee! :slight_smile: So nice of you to do this!

Since Blendermania is somewhat active, shouldn’t you ask to there for permission ?

Yes, I would ask there first, that is if I get it done. I did have some tutorials I fixed back up a bit a long time ago, and I contacted… oh what’s his name??? but he never replied. That was when he was trying to repair it. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything without asking first. :wink:


I had saved a few tutorials to my hard drive before blendermania went down. When I put my web page up, I decided to post some of the tutorials. I didn’t have very many, and they are somewhat incomplete graphically, but if you need 'em, they’re there! Just click on the tutorials link.
I didn’t ask anyone for permission, so if anyone has any problem with this, please notify me.