Have you had anything stolen?

Because I just found out that we had all our fall pumpkins stolen right off the front porch of our house and that’s not good because the pumpkins at the store are getting sorry looking now.

We also suffered an attempt at stealing my brother’s old pickup truck a few years ago but wasn’t stolen anyway.

You had anything stolen before?

$40 dollars, when I was 11 and had no income. I know who ist was that did it, but was never able to prove anything. I’m still bitter 5 years later. Heheh.

I left my briefcase in my car overnight, parked in the driveway of my house. Came out the next day to find the window smashed in and the case gone. I had my checkbook, statements with all my credit card numbers, and a number of medications that I take every day in there. That was one heckuva mess to clear up.

I was mugged at gunpoint by three guys a few months ago.

I loaned some money to a crappy mother that I knew, and she lied to me about the money, so I lost out on 200 becuase she is irresponsible

buy pumpkin insurence

its the way to go…just ask me if your interested

A former friend of mine had once stolen money from me because she was broke; she was (and might still be; I no longer have any contact with her) an addict and needed the money to buy Speed. It was like 50$ and especially then (when I was 14) that was quite some money. I don’t have any proof, but because we were talking in her room and I quickly went to the bathroom (leaving my wallet) and afterwards I discovered the disappearance of 50$… I won’t state the obvious here…
After that happened we had a fight and I ended all contact. If she prefers the drugs to our friendship, then fine. I don’t need such a friend.

@Everyone: seems like none of us was involved in very pretty ways of having anything stolen… Damn it! Buy a paper and open the page with the job offers :mad:, you parasites!

i have never gotten anything stolen, but my sister got like £400 stole from her. She was at a music festival (oxygen, dublin 2005), when these people came up to her and her friends, and they seemed really friendly and they talked with her and her friends for a long time, but when she wasn’t looking, they then just stole the £400 from her purse… and walked away without my sister noticing at all…

just goes to show you cant trust anybody!!


My government steals half my paycheck every month. Yeah I live in Sweden :).

Yeah my cool calculator in highschool 10 years ago. I know who did it. I just want my revenge served cold.

I had $400 and about an ounce of weed stolen out of my backpack while I was asleep. I don’t even want to talk about it. ironically it was the locksmith who was appraising our summer house for new locks in college. he then proceeded to give the landlord an estimate inflated by about $2000 and hitailed it out of there

I’ve had money and other items stolen from so called “friends”. Not huge ammounts or of high volume - but the fact is they stole it, they suck, and I no longer hang around with them.

Other than that i’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve had one situation when some dude asked me and my mate for the time - I said “no sorry”, continuing to walk to the cinema, but my mate is a total idiot and got his mobile out to look for the time. The dude, then started talking to us about mobile phones, how much their worth, how much they sell for second hand and so on which is quite obious what he’s gonna do try do.

In the end, he kept asking for one of our phones to make a phone call, I just walked the cunt off but my mate had to let himself get cornered. We even tried running, mate slipped and the dude was on top of him going through his pockets trying to get his mobile… We even told the cunt “look you have the phone now leave us alone” (to some degree) But the cunt was so cut out on making it appear as though he really did just want to phone his “pregnat girlfriend who he recently had an argument with” that even after an hour, most of which he had the phone in his possesion… He ran off with it in the end after all that?

The scarist bit was when he was pretending to be on the phone to his g/f for ages (on £1 credit) which my m8 was saying (whispering) “dude, ive only got like £1 credit on the phone?” and then he said on the phone somthing along the lines to his g/f “Bla bla I have to go and finish these two lads off now” and we just looked at each other and shat ourselfs… But he ran through some lanes after saying it.

Seriously guys, If it’s dark and some dude ask for the time just say “Sorry I dont have the time” dont even stop, keep walking. If you have a stupid mate that stops and get his mobile out do yourself a favour and just run the fuck away from him.

Oh, and my brother had his car broken in and had like £40 speakers stolen outside our house. He wasnt too bothered, the fact that they damaged the key /lock was the most annoying part… But I think they attempted to hotwire the car too, cause there were some wires hanging around by the wheel.

“Seriously guys, If it’s dark and some dude ask for the time just say “Sorry I dont have the time” dont even stop, keep walking. If you have a stupid mate that stops and get his mobile out do yourself a favour and just run the fuck away from him.”

  1. dude sounds like he was on meth you probably could have taken him with your “mate”

  2. and also, as you walk away, keep looking behind you or watch for his shadow coming up. there a lot of attacks with blunt instruments from behind. at least, in brooklyn there are…

Is this your pumpkin?


lol socialism ftw

I see your evil pumpkin and raise you this:

As for the topic,
Windows keeps stealin my megahertz

I had a backpack and something else of little importance stolen. Oh, yeah, it was a music CD. I don’t really hang around the type of people who would steal.

I see your evil pumpkin and raise you this:

Like i said, buy pumpkin insruence, its the right choice…

loved your pumpkin! :smiley: Should I trust a gecko with my pumpkin replacement(s) though ? Kinda seems like he might be a thief.

My parents had some buglers break into their house many years ago. They didn’t steal much, but they had sat down at the table, got out our biscuit tin, and had an afternoon snack.

They were nice biscuits too.

lol biscuits! i can’t think of anything that’s been stolen from me before…meh maybe ill remember later.

Got my car stolen a while back, don’t know if you remember me posting about it. '82 VW Golf. It was just some stupid kids who wanted a joy ride and trashed it. I claimed some meagre insurance money for it but on the plus side, I got a really nice deal on a '99 Fiat. Taking off the insurnace claim, the car only cost me about £350, which for a car that is only 7 years old is pretty good. I couldn’t have sold my VW Golf if I’d tried so it getting stolen was probably for the best. The only downside is it took me over a month to find that deal on the Fiat. It’s really annoying to think how little people care about how much trouble they cause.