Have you met Astro ???? (with screenshots)

here is the high res links
image 1
image 2

hope you like him :)))


before moving to cycles i have been trying to archive this with BI which was my unsuccessful effort obviously and here is a earlier test which was rendered in BI but dint come out much well

Ans here are some of the screen shots from my file …

wire frame

very simple yet effective hair shader …



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I can’t believe second one is noto photo, excellent work again pratik.

Hey Draguu, great job as always. You got the eyes perfect! My only critique: shouldn’t the nose be a little wet?
Again, fantastic work!

It is fantastic draguu, so incredibly credible!

What I would say, the fur should be more shining, above all for a puppy like that, and the nose also, besides a little wet as remarked by Jonatan L.

BRAVO! 5 stars



(that was all I needed to say, but the message was too short to post, so here are some more words)

WOOOOOW… this is drop dead beautiful… yea put a little wetness on the nose. I’m really surprised more people haven’t modeled dogs, as they are so beloved by most people. We had golden retrievers for many years. You just friggen nailed this in every way… I want to bring this little guy home with me.

This kinda melted my words that i was going to say. awesome job capturing that moment!

This is AWESOME, again really great job.

Really great! I agree with Jonathan L about the nose, but otherwise it’s awesome :slight_smile:

Did you render in cycles btw?

amazing fur draguu! I’m jealous of your skills :frowning: Great Job :smiley:

very appealing, makes it straight into my heart :slight_smile: … as others said, so only thing missing is some glossyness, fur, nose(!) but also claws and feet pads, but it is nitpicking, the work is great!

I agree on the nose which could be a little bit more wet, but the work is simply AMAZING!! Really great job, congrats!

All wrong, Astro is a Boy, not a dog…

Very very good work, and funny one.

Exellent! Astro looks really good.
As mentioned, nose looks dry. I feel the backyard picture need more contrast. Propably remove the haze on the left side.

First one is so god damn cute! I want to hug it!!!

Beautifull, but OMG! The nose isn’t wet! He is sick, or has a problem. Get him to the vet.

Ah Draguu:P Clever guy you are:) Great idea…excellent execution. Your fur is really impressive man and the eyes are spot on! Having had dogs all my life I would say the nose could be dry or wet:) I’ve seen it both ways but typically in peoples minds they associate a wet nose with a dog especially puppies hehe.

I tell you what I would like to see Draguu…some more of you animation stuff:) Hope your other projects are going well!

Happy Blending:P

Dude, amazing work, as allways! The expressions are pretty awesome! I know how hard it is to get the expressions, especially for animals. Good job!

Why isn’t this on the top row already?

Into my heart as Doris said!
Awesomeness. By any aspect.
The nose a bit wet… it looks so real, we want it healthy too. Oh my… excellent.