have you noticed?

that in the blender.org forum on the game engine topics,there are a lot of topics…but they are about questions about the game engine,problems guys need to solve and other members answer their questions.what i mean is that in other topics they talk about the render part of blender,they talk about what is going to be on the new release of blender(render part) but i don’t see them talk about the game engine or what is going to be improved on the game engine for the next release.i don’t know you guys but i feel left aside LOL :wink: anybody knows if they are working on the game engine? is blender’s game engine really dead? any good news to cheer me up? LOL :smiley:

I know what you mean. I have not seen any projects for improving the game engine. I read somewhere that the physics engine was removed from the latest release due to a copyright issue. I hope that the game engine will return in the next release. I use Blender because of the game engine. If the game engine does not return, then I will have to find another program to use. :frowning: I took some C programming courses in college, but I do not have the drive to program a whole game engine. I would rather design and build games. :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen much news in a while, and the most recent update on cvs was 3 weeks ago. Very odd that the ODE demo isn’t even ON cvs, I can’t really tell what they are doing…

I’m sure it will be hacked out eventually, there are probably a lot of people waiting to develop with it when they get better windows compile support.

i said all this cause i love blender game engine and i’ve never seen anything like it(as easy as blender game engine) and even better,now for free.honestly,i don’t want to switch to another program.i hope they give us a little info on how are they doing. :smiley:

I have noticed that they don’t update the news sections very often, and forget to post news frequently in the forums, but I take that as they are very busy programing, we just need to be patient.

Replacing the original physics engine is no doubt a very delicate operation. I’m sure they will come around to it eventually.

On the other hand - back in the golden days of NaN expanding like a balloon and hiring truckloads of programmers on a weekly basis, we had the opposite situation. Back then, everything (almost) was about the real-time part of Blender, and very little happened (in comparison) on the render/animation end of it. So just think of it as some sort of cosmic justice :slight_smile:

LOL i guess you are right Jamesk. :smiley:

ps: my site(and the server)is back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Erich! You were complaining that if the game engine isnt in the next version of blender, you will have to get some other program.


carm down man, breath deeply. :stuck_out_tongue: Luckly 2.25 is for the most part sufficiant for now, it mostly works well and without many bugs. But there are some bugs in it that need removing. And also theres some personal changes I’d like to make to things like the blenderplayer.exe but i can’t even start on stuff like that untill the ODE physics engine is implemented.

Keith. 8)