Having a couple problems

I’m having a couple of weird problems.

Bascially, I’m trying to do a set-up where when you click somewhere on the ground a character moves to that position. I figured I’d do this by setting it up to that whenever you click and the mouse is over the ground, it adds an empty and the character will track to the empty. Fine. The problem is that the character won’t track to the empty, but instead tracks to some other obscure position. Regardless of where the empty is, the character always just tracks to this other, odd position.

My second problem is this: I had the armature set-up acting as the character for this, so I decided to see what would happen when I parented the armature set-up to an empty and make the empty the actor. As soon as I do this, the “add object” actuator no longer works. I have no idea why, because it’s set-up is completely unrelated to who/what the actor is, yet as soon as the armatures are parented to the empty, “add object” stops working.

I hope someone can figure this out…thanks…

I am also stuck as to how to do this, and am guessing it will require python. I am going to review blengines tutorials and see if i can find anything in there, and also i PM’d basse about it.
–<edit>-- it looks as if blengines tuts are down, … i PMd him offering to host them, but i haven’t seen him in awhile,…
<edit> i searched through 50 pages , and found these threads that seemed in some way relevant to the problems of designing a scroller

Thanks Modron, looks good, but it doesn’t really explain the two weird problems I’m having with the add object and track to actuators…Anyone have any ideas?