Having a line of vertices collide with one another

Hello all!

I seem to have a pretty basic issue on my hands here, however I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

Currently, my scene looks like this: I have a path that’s been subdivided several times with soft body physics (so that way it can fall and interact like a noodle or rope). Then, for effect, I bevel a circle around it to give it a tube shape. This all works perfectly fine.

However, when I have two or three of said noodles in the scene, they simply won’t collide with one another (since it’s regarded as just a string of vertices). Due to the object being a path, there’s no option to put collision physics onto it. Is there any way that I can have my noodles collide with one another?

Thank you, I appreciate it!!

you can have one collide off the other, but not with each other, if that makes sense.

You can only enable collision on one noodle:

Thanks for the reply. I was trying to have both noodles fall into a jar of sorts and collide with one another but if that’s not possible it’s cool. Thank you for your response!

Are you trying to make an animation, or just fill the space without collisions?

For the animation, I’m not sure how to best do that.

if you are just using it as a modeling tool, you could drop one at a time, then apply the deformation to the model and add collision, then drop another and repeat.

I’m looking to try to do an animation if possible, I’ll keep looking for a solution but I’ve come up with nothing so far

If you would use a curve object instead, these can do self-collision.

They can do self collision; the math behind a self collision is exactly what I need to be applied to several objects. However, if I join them all together, they act all awkward during collision.

Don’t know of a way to do it nicely with multiple objects. The suggestion of @SterlingRoth would come closest I guess. But should it be possible to merge all the noodles into one object, you would get the right physics.