Having a problem exporting into Source

I don’t know if I’m posting in the right forum, so sorry if I’ve placed this issue in the wrong place.
So I’ve been working on a model for a better half of a year, the rig looks fine from Bender:


but when I export it the model it has this error:


which made the rig bones in the wrong place (or so I thought)… What it turns out what actually happens is that the rig is exported around 2x-3x smaller then it should which is causing the issues!


Maybe I missed something in Blender but I really don’t know what to do now. Any help will be appreciated!

Difficult to say given we have no access to your blend file to look for ourselves.
Ensure you have applied the same of all objects
Ensure you read all the documentation on the valve website for this exporter so you know what it can export and what it cannot

Thanks for the suggestion, but someone on a separate suggested to reset the scale of the rig and rescale it in edit mode, this seemed to fix it!

Thanks for the help anyways… =)