Having a problem figuring out a Door/Panel type animation

Ok, so I’m trying to animate a box (similar to a jewelry or music box) and I can’t seem to figure out how to get one side of the Door/Panel to flip open.

Is there a way I can animate using just 2 vertice of one object? I apologize if this sounds extremely newbie, thank you for any time you take reading this, and any time you spend on a response

You need to detach the face and make it a separate object.

Here’s how:

Put the object, let’s assume a default cube, into edit mode (TAB-KEY)
Activate Face selection mode. (bottom of 3D viewport)
Select the FACE that you want to become the door.
Press P-KEY and choose Selection from the menu. This causes the selected face to become separated from the original object. IT becomes a new object in the scene in the exact location where it was on the original object.
Press TAB-KEY to exit edit mode.
Select the new object you just separated.
Press TAB-KEY to put that object in edit mode.
Activate vertex selection mode. (bottom of 3D viewport again)
Select any two adjacent points on the face. (right-click then SHIFT-right-click)
Press SHIFT-S to bring up the snap menu and choose Cursor to Selected. This will move the 3D cursor to the middle of the two selected point.
Press TAB-KEY to exit edit mode.
Click on the Origin button in the Tools menu (you may have to press the T-KEY in the 3D view to open this up).
Choose Origin to 3D cursor to move the pivot point for the lid of your box to the edge.

Now you can simply rotate the detached face and it will act like it is on a hinge.


25_hinged_box_lid.blend (431 KB)

oh, that was extremely informative, thanks for all of that