Having a problem using node composites

I’m using the node composite editor. I can’t pull up the menu to tell it to animate, F10 does nothing.

? Your post is slightly confusing, but if it’s anything like i think:

You can animate values in the compositor by hovering your mouse over the value and pressing (i) to insert a keyframe.

If you want the compositor to composite an animation, you can just press render animation.

“If you are compositing, you must now tell Blender to use the Node map that has been created, and to composite the image using the Node Map. To do so, click on the Do Composite button located below the Animation button. This tells Blender to composite the final image by running it through the composition node map.” I can’t pull this up.

The user interface of Blender has changed substantially in recent releases, such that even fairly recent tutorials might not apply “exactly.”

Which tutorial, exactly, are you trying to follow? Give us a link …

… and which version of Blender, exactly, are you trying to follow it on?