Having a problem with facial motion.

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I’ve always been a fan of animation movies, but I’m a total newbie to this whole animation-world!
I have watched and learned some basic tutorials on youtube, on how to make a teacup, teddybear and a human male head. So next I wanted to learn how to do facial motion.

I’m at the step where I have made the mouth, added the bones inside the mouth-part and bones infront of the mouth that will connect to the bones inside. And in the video I watched (I would have added it, but of course I can’t find it again…), the man said that I had to rightclick on the bones, and go to “Add Constraint” -> Inverse Kinematics. I get to the part where I click Inverse Kinematics, but then I get an error-message telling me “IK constraint can only be added to the bones”…

I have followed the video step by step during the whole two-part videos, and now I’m stuck. :frowning:
Is there something I’ve missed during the video, or have I done something wrong?

Make sure you’re in Pose Mode and not Object Mode when you’re selecting the bones. To switch between the two, select any bone and press Ctrl+Tab.