Having a problem with the array modifier.

I was to use the Fit Curve on the array modifer using a empty as Object offset and a path as curve, but the object count, the array, simply would not fit the curve.
To help better with the explanation of my problem, I was trying to model a chain, my object was the first ring of the chain, and the array was supposed to do the rest, the curve would give me control over the array, but when I selected Fit curve on the array settings, no more rings were created.

BTW: My Blender is the 2.64 one.

I’m just a beginner, thanks for any help.

Where is the empty ? Is it in the same location as the origin of the arrayed object ? If so you would be getting no location offset for your array so all the duplicates would all be in the same location as the original object

Right, I tried to mode the offset empty away form the orgin point of the arrayed object, now the array is there, but to increase the number of arrayed objects I have to extrude the path a really long way. The path is 10 times bigger than my array, and that makes it hard to control the array properly. I want the array to fit the curve perfectly.

You need to supply more useful info, so we don’t have to come round to your place and look over your shoulder to be able to see what you can see.

The very minimum info you should always supply is:

  • Screenshots showing what you have and clearly showing exactly what you want to achieve
  • Attach or link to your blend file