Having a sensor/controller active through all states...How?

Ok so here is my problem, I want to spawn 30 different objects using the one key and since i dont know how to use python with blender well ive figured out how to use logic and the different states. My problem is i want to have movement of the character through all these states, but i have to reenter all the movement key in every state. So is there a way to make a control to stay active for all 30 states or do i have to re-enter everything 30 times? Thanks, this is a great community with great members, hopefully i will learn it all one day and be able to help out with answering questions rather then always asking :slight_smile:

put all the movement related logic setup in one state and use the “add” feature of state actuator to add all the other req states to the state containing the movement state. that way you can move the obj on all other states since those states are added to the movement state. hope that helps.

statetest.blend (137 KB)

Heres what i did but no movement. Is this what you where talking about or did i do it wrong?


You do not even need the “Add” mode. you can select multiple states in the state actuator. Simply hold <shift> while selecting the state.

When you switch state you switch:
1,2 -> 1,3
or 1,4 or 1,6

Just make sure you have your control state (state 1) enabled when you switch

You can make one or more states initial state by holding <ctrl> and LMK on a state in the Controllers column. It gets a black dot to show it is an initial state.

BTW. the first controller’s name of each state is the name of the state and visible as tooltip when hovering above the state button ;).
That makes it easier to give the state a meaning :D.