Having an issue with Baking a Dirty vertex color

Hi, I have an issue with baking apparently, I did everything as shown in all the tutorials about it but I only end up with a light gray bake, not representative of the dirty vertex that I applied and tweaked with the colorramp and that I can see in the viewport, I’d like to bake this grayscale to a texture image but it doesn’t seems to work, could someone please help me figure this out ?

Thanks a lot for your time !


I just forgot to specify the vertex group in the node… duh, so dumb.
It should be selected by default as there’s only one, it’s weird that I can see it in the viewport without it being specified though.
In anycase, problem solved !

Hi Nago,
I have some question regarding to baking vertex. what do you mean but specify the vertex group? I paint some vertex color and try to back it as texture. can’t find good answers.


The green arrow on this picture :