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I have an image-texture for wood. It shows grain. I need to place the texture on the various faces of a wooden object (several wood beams) so that the wood grain lines up correctly. Some beams the wood runs vertically; others horizontally and so-on.

And then my brain quit working. I attach the texture to the face, and everything is (say) oriented vertically. I need to flip it 90 degrees on some faces so they run sideways. How?

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if the texture is UV-mapped, select the problematic faces (in UV-face-select-mode, of course) and rotate the Uv’s 90 degress.

if you use ORCO planar mapping, you can click on Rot90, in the texture buttons. but note that this will affect every material that uses this texture. if you have 2 groups of faces, one with the texture applied correctly, and the other with the texture applied horizontally, then create two materials with two different textures.


Exactly how?

select the object. press F to enter UV-face-select-mode. split the 3d-view and switch the new view to UV7image editor (F10). in the 3d view, select on of the problematic faces. note the dotted rectangle in the UV editor. move the mouse over it. press A to select all UV’s, press R and rotate.

as always, this is well documented on blender.org.

R in the UV editor. You can R in the 3D window but that will rotate the image and as he says it may be mapped to parts you don’t want rotated.


This for image textures? Ahh. Thank you. Now if you will pardon me for a moment… :expressionless:

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