Having an object keep its physics when it becomes a child, how?

Alright so I don’t have the game file on me but it’s pretty self explanatory. I have a skull mesh which has the rigid body physics applied to it with a convex hull bounding box. I’ve set it up so when you press ‘E’ it parents the skull to the camera, like you were picking it up, and you can carry it around. However, when it’s being picked up it stops colliding with anything, goes straight through walls? Why is that? Do I need to re-apply the rigid body in the logic bricks somewhere?

If you need the game file to know for sure I can update this tomorrow. Thanks in advance.


An easy way, have the skull RBJ to a empty, and then have the empty parent to the camera,

*this only appears to work if the camera is a dynamic, or RBJ …


Parenting (2).blend (676 KB)

Depending on the scenario, rigid body joints soak up CPU time, while using the compound feature of the parenting tools is almost free.