Having difficulity making a responding NPC (w/ logic bricks)

I’ve recently encountered a problem wherein I have a kicking animation performed by the player character, and this would affect a sensor object which in turn sent a message to the health bar in another scene. Because of some boneheaded attempts to replace the mesh by making the sensor invisible and parenting it to another object with dynamic behavior, the sensor no longer does anything. What exactly did I do wrong here, and how can I recitfy my BGE errors with what I have now? If I can figure out how to have a sensor and an animated mesh work in tandem, I’ll be able to continue working on a fighting system with what I have now. But until I can resolve this problem, I’m stuck. Can anyone please help? :frowning:

Here’s the .blend file to give a more complete picture of what’s going on: http://www.mediafire.com/?zys76bg4aak8447