having film footage or .wmv as the camera backround?

is there a way to set .wmv files as te camera backround? like view > backround image, except the frame would change as you chnged frames in blender? because i need to get the angles right for some moving camera shots me and my friends filmed in real life, were overlaying an animated character in the shot so the animation has to move along the right way to the moving shot

Yeah just select it as the background as usual. Then in the background settings select Movie, select Auto Refresh, then click the little < next to the frames to make all the frames of the movie be part of it.

thanks ALOT dude, this will save us alot of time

You’ll have to use an .avi or .mov, .wmv’s won’t load.


And you can render it out too by using it in an Image node in the compositor.