having issues with my model

hello this is my first post just want to start by saying im relatively new to the whole blender but im in the middle of making a game with unity and now find myself in need of models anyways i started one last year (a teddy bear modeled from one of my exs teddys) i recently went to reopen the model to try my hand at texturing and animating it again BUT when i open it only the verts and a wireframe show up and when i render it still nothing shows up any ideas ? have included an image of what i see in 3d view and my blank render result lol


Post the .blend

Possible problems:
-The lamp is inside the model
-The camera is inside the model
-Object is behind the far clipping plane

Also, the scale seems kinda wrong, unless you really wanted to model a 50m tall teddy bear :). It’s good practice to model the stuff roughly on the right scale.

k here is the upload http://www.pasteall.org/blend/17875
from what i can tell camera and lamp are both outside ya the scale is way off still a little unsure how to judge scale in blender
im really just starting out with modelling and such im sure its not the best model in the world but its my learning project