Having multiple animations (not only for rig)

Hello there,

I’m making an iso game using Blender to make my assets.
I made a script which creates an iso camera and render color map + normal map as sprites for all my collections. Each collection contains a set of objects to render as a sprite in differents angles, some of them are rendered multiple times at different frame because they have an animation.
Some of them are animated using skinning animations and other use node property animations for instance to move texture, change material props, etc.
Currently, most of my objects have only one animation but now I want them to have more than one but still be able to bake them in one batch. I saw that with Action Editor I can have more than one animation for my armatures but it does not seem to work with other kind of animations (node property, etc.).

How can i create multiple animations and be able to switch between them ? Should i use a multi-scene workflow, one scene per animation ? I guess there is one timeline per scene but I dont know how it works and if it is the good way to go. Is there a more dedicated way to do this ? Thanks

It seems the only way to do this is to make each animation in its own blend file since there is only one take / timeline per blend file.

I guess I have to link collections for every blend file to a common blend library and change my script to iterate through multiple blend file instead of collections.

Can anyone confirm this is the right way to do this ?