Having problem rendering images in Eevee

I have a problem in which when I am trying to render or move around my viewport in Eevee, everything around me is transparent. But, when I place the mode to Cycles, it works perfectly fine. I tried to delete the blender application and reinstall but it just won’t work. I am currently using Blender 2.91.0

I have no idea of what can be causing this problem, but about reinstalling the program, it has no effect if you don’t delete the folders the program leaves in the system where all the settings are stored.

About the Eevee viewport, isn’t toggle X-ray activated?

What do you mean by that and what Is the button for it?

In this area, but it only affects the viewport, not the renders. image It’s the button of the middle.

No, my buttons looks just like yours. I really do not know what is going on.

What version of blender are you using?

In the post, I am currently using blender 2.91.0

what is your hardware specs?

like my cpu and gpu?

no, of your car…

my car…?

Oh, ok, did not remember that. Did you try to install the latest version instead, 2.91.2?

No i have not

Then I think it could be a good idea. But after uninstalling Blender and before installing the new version you delete the config folders of the program.

I use the steam verison of blender

I got tired of the bugs who come with these versions. Today I use blender from the folder I downloaded and unzipped from the Blender page. I don’t install it. Even the version of the PPA had problems here, so I decided to work this way.

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I downloaded a newer version and the problem still occurs.

can you post a screenshot?

This is the Cycles Render