Having problem with Blender 2.48a

Hello everybody,

I am currently using Blender 2.48a switching from Blender 2.46. The problem is whenever I paste any script (.py) into .blender/scripts folder, the script just gets vanished after opening blender. But when I paste the script that moment i can see it’s there in the folder.

Please help me out how to fix it. :frowning:


Wrong Subforum, however:

How have you installed Blender?
Sounds to me like you are pasting your scripts to the installation directory.
If they don´t show up either the scripts are in the wrong place or you got the wrong python version installed.
Maybe you have installed it with the setting folder to your userdirectory on C:\Documents and Settings…


I am sorry for submitting my post in wrong the forum. Please tell me where should I paste it?

I use Fedora 8. Python version is Python 2.5.1 and I installed Blender from rpm.
But when I used Blender 2.46 I didn’t get such problem like this.


You cant move your post… its no big deal. either its fine here, otherwise a mod will simply move it. Just future advise ^^

I dont know where the rpm version puts the scripts folder.
have you looked if there is a .blender in your /home ?

I suggest downloading the binary version of 2.48 from blender.org and simply untar it.
There you can be sure the plugin folder is in the tree of the binary.

Alternatively look into the blender settings where the Python Scripts path is pointing to.

Ok thanks.

yes there is a .blender in /home and here i tried to pasted the scripts. The RPM version i installed, was for fedora 8 64 bit.


So it is working now?

And fedora got not architecture check? (If i understood right you installed the amd64 rpm instead of x86?)
In debian you are not able to install .deb packages for another architecture unless you set the override architecture flag.

No its not working…

x86 rpm had been installed amd64. It’s checked.