Having problem with layered shadow [FIXED]

Hey everyone. as you on the first image (((can’t put two images, sorry))) Viewport looks great and smooth, but when it comes to rendering both Evee and Cycles (bottom left) looks like shaded with layers, not smooth as Viewport. There is a Subdivision modifier on that curved plane object and the rendering resolutions are high (tried up to 400% with Evee) but no solution. Anyone has ideas? Or the Photoshop is the solution?

FIXED: There was a sun light on top, when I changed it’s rotation, problem was solved. Then angle of the sun and it’s direction was hitting the problematic surface from the edge top.

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Hi Ann,
I can’t really tell what is going on here, or the issue. Can you upload a couple more images as replies? I think you will get more help if you can better illustrate the issue. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks. I solved the problem. I wrote it above ,)

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