Having problems applying a UV texture to the mesh

I’m having some trouble with Blender 2.62. After unwrapping the model and opening the texture, I can’t seem to get it to appear on the mesh itself. Any ideas?

The last version of Blender I’ve used before this was 2.58, I never bothered updating as 2.6 looked too complicated. Now that I’m actually trying to learn the new software I’m having problems up the wazoo. Don’t be surprised If I come to you guys with several more problems in the future :o

Hi Yehmanwazzap,

Assuming your using Blender Internal, and not Cycles, have you added the texture to the model via the texture tab and selected UV as the placement? :wink:

Actually, I am using Cycles at the moment. I guess I probably should have mentioned that in the first place :spin:

Applying textures in cycles http://cgcookie.com/blender/2012/02/29/introduction-texturing-cycles-in-blender/
You may also want to look at http://www.blenderguru.com/ where there are also a number of tutorials which cover cycles texturing