Having problems saving rendered images!!!!

Hey guys!

I’m not new to this or anything, but, for some reason, all of a sudden Blender has encountered an “error” and then closes every time I try to save an image that I just rendered. Why?

I’ve been doing it for months on the same project and now it wants to quit! Am I doing something wrong? It is File>Save Image As>…or F3, right? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I started using Blender and I haven’t had any challenges until now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

You could have saved your output settings to Avi for example, which doesn’t save images. Change your format to for example Png and try again. If your output isn’t right there should be a pop up telling you this , but if you move your cursor too fast it’s gone.

Actually, I use the JPEG file format. BTW, it doesn’t come up with a Blender error, but a Windows (OS) one. It might be a bug, but I wouldn’t know.

Thanks again!

It might be useful to read the error msg because sometimes they are like important and stuff.

Yeah and other times they’re crap. Still, you won’t know until you actually read it.