Having problems with creating Fireworks...

I’m working on a Render for Christmas and New Year, and I need to have some pyrotechniques aka fireworks into the pictures. My problem is that I seem to keep having “cubic explosions” instead of “sperical explosions”. I tried looking for a tutorial on this topic, but can’t seem to find with that is up to date for the newest blender.

I have to admit i haven’t renderd an image with particles for a year, so I have lost my touch at it.

I use a Standard UV Sphere, and then sizing it down. Then a select al the vertices and use the Hash button (which prevents from having lines of particles). Then I activate the particle settings, setting:
Amount = 1000
Start and End = frame 1 (otherwise no explosion)
From => “Verts”, “Faces” and “Even” buttons pressed
Vert = on

Bspline = on
Normal = 0.3
Random = 0.2
Damping = 0.6
Force: Z = -.03

All other things are standard. Stil, the fireworks explosion doesn’t do what a normal pierce of firework would end up…
Could someone help me here?


In the Particles panel, click on “Even” and see if that does the trick.

Best of Luck!


Start: 1.0
End: 2.0

Also, try increasing the size of your sphere emitter.

You’ll probably have to re-adjust your velocity properties. Also, play with the Keys property for some interesting timing effects.