Having problems with mantaflow water simulation

I was following along with a youtube video on how to make a water simulation with mantaflow by cg geek. I don’t know why but in the video when he selected reply/live preview as the cache type it works fine for him but when I select replay/live preview as my cache type I ran into some problems. One of my problems was then some of the replay/live preview was floating into the air and some of it was stuck on the suzanne’s that I set to be the effector type for the simulation. Somebody in the cg cookie forum told me to try to delete the cache folder and start over the simulation but it still didn’t work. Then he told me to add keyframes to my inflow object which is a sphere object in my case to make the inflow stop but that still didn’t work. What am I doing wrong please help. Here’s my blend file and my cache folder and the screenshot of my first attempt when some of the replay/live preview was floating up in air and some of it was stuck on the suzanne’s before I started over and I also have a little video of what’s happening when I try to run the simulation on my computer screen. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1A0zCrSXXVFM26l2wyijriq3486anbTap
(edit I found another problem when I downloaded the blend file from the google drive to see if it was the right blend file and when I ran the simulation the live preview was showing but the problem was it flowed down and just stoped and then a small part of the simulation just fall down I don’t understand whats happen at all)