Having Problems With Rotaiting in 3d view....

I got new mouse and it will not rotaite in 3d view, using middle bottom (wheel)…

Can some one help? What is wrong?

is it a microsoft or logitech mouse?

with fancy software you shouldn’t have installed*?

go into the mouse properties in the control panel and change the middle mouse button to autoscroll or something like it…

micrsooft and logitech provides annoying software with their mice that changes the default action of that button… which is stupid

*the software is required to change behavior of the extra buttons and probably any sideways or non-clicky scrolling… but still, changing the behavior of the middle button is not acceptable

Assign “middle button” to your mousewheel (i.e. when you push down on mouse wheel).



here what I have as options to change.

I tryed Auto skroll but its not working