Having proportional editing ON in the UV window and OFF in 3D-view?


Is there a way to do it?

I seem to remember it from the 2.4 (and even 2.5) builds and it came in super handy if you have to move multiple selections in the UV-editor all the time and next to never in the 3D-window.

I tried clicking the little sync icon on and off but it didn’t seem to make a change.

Marco :slight_smile:

yes, you turn on proportional editing in the uv window
and turn it off in the 3d viewer

OK I’ll play – I tried doing just that and it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve run out of magnet and sync buttons to push and unpush. Maybe I’m missing something obvious here.

You’re right, Bronteburg, I couldn’t find any such controls in the UV Window, however, I found this:

Search the page for “proportional” and get an easter egg :slight_smile:

EDIT: I didn’t try it, though…

hmm ok it appears they have connected the proportional editing tool between the windows, though i am certain they were seperate functions in earlier versions. oh well

Before this turns into a ridiculous bump thanks for the replies guys!

Yeah they were separate in earlier versions.

Frankly I don’t think the UV window in general is quite back to the pre-2.5 ease of use. Alas, the amazing improvements in other areas are far too good to miss out on.