Having some issues that might be bugs.

I’m making a thing, but I’ve come across some unexpected issues. On the eye material I used a blend, cloud, and stencil texture for the iris. I then put a reflection texture on the eye, and changed the Specular to Wardlso and for S&Gs gave it a marble SSS and checked the mirror box. (The last two don’t seem to do anything, I plan on messing with it more later)

The material preview looks great, but when I render it looks like I’m using Phong or CookTorr Specular, and hardness is the only variable that seems to have any effect.

Te other issue I’ve come across is in edit mode if I set the pivot center to be the cursor and then rotate a few vertices, the verts rotate around something else.

here is the blend file.


Thing2 07 eye mat.zip (1.34 MB)