Having some trouble with a crytek cgf exporter

I was hoping someone knew what this meant;


I get it when I try to export my mesh. I’ve tried various things but I can’t seem to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

No guesses?

it looks like you are trying to assign a varible to an attrubute that dosn’t exist. you need to create the varible in the timing chuck before you can assign a varible to it. you need to create globalRange in timing chunck before you tell python to give it a value. its like you are telling python to put the red ball in the blue bucket when all you have is green buckets. need to make python the the blue bucket . in this cage a globalRange in the TimmingChunk.

Thanks alot, but I have no idea what that is :confused:

Can someone point out where I’m being stupid? :frowning: