Having the essential UV tools as an addon is like having your ass hanging out your pants

It’s prone to bugs from being exposed, and unpractical.

The best we have for just the simple task of uv smoothing, an essential and important uv tool; is constantly broken. It’s broken in 2.80 stable, 2.81 and 2.82 as of speaking. This is not fit for professional use and it’s bringing down the epic workflow that Blender is known for.

What is contained in Magic UV’s are commonly needed, essential and much sought after feature for any 3d artist and should be added to the main build or at least warrant branch.

Question is; what are the challenges preventing this?

Anyone want to shed light on it?


Having a developer dedicating his time to this during several months.

If you take a look to modules attribution, you can see that developers in charge of UV Editor are most experienced ones also in charge to manage and review a dozen of other modules, too.

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Hi Zeauro, that’s really helpful.

I know someone who might be interested in taking on some of the heavy lifting with this.

He’s currently developing a .X import & export add-on for Blender, He might be interested in this somewhat urgent task. So In the case he decides to help out, I suppose he can submit his work to the developers associated with that Module? I’ll be happy to test it if he does.

Any other pointers or critique about my post delivery are welcome btw, I appreciate honest critique. As it is, this already gives me some ideas of how this could be done, Thanks Zeauro.


Yea, UV editing is neglected. I think I’m not using native operators at all excelpt few exceltions :v.

Let potential developer know that there is need of improvements and tell them what tools do we need. If someone is not using UV unwraping on daily basis he/she don’t know what is needed. On developer Q’n’A Ton asked what area should get additional focus (some kind of QA tradition) and someone said “UV unwraping” and Ton replied that there is already UV unwraping…
What we as community can do?

And as @zeauro said, there is no one currently devoted to improving UV as eg. Pablo in Sculpting, Howard in Bevel/Boolean etc. And other developers are currently busy with other things. But nonetheless we can still make a noise about UV.

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Yes. He can. He just has to follow the wiki to know how to contact them and submit his work.

Btw, this never happened haha… I wasn’t able to convince him that it was worth his time. He’s making a .X exporter though, which is good news for irrlicht game engine… But seriously, I just came back here to make sure people weren’t expecting what can’t happen :frowning:

Hopefully the UV tools get the attention they desperately need.
We all need efficient texture mapping.

Kind regards,


UVMapping in Blender is workable with enough patience (because of the general unwrap operator and things like proportional editing and island select), but yes, there is so much low-hanging fruit it’s a mystery as to why no volunteer dev. has made the decision to even touch it.

  • A few operators have never been updated to work properly with Ngons (when they were introduced back in 2.63).
  • It gets worse than that, the select operator still does not have proper recognition of faces and edges (after editmode got it in 2.35, 15 years ago).
  • In fact, I don’t know if some of the operators have even been touched since Blender became open source, or were even updated this century outside of fixes.

Who cares about UVs, we’ll have VR in 2.83 (/sarcasm).
To be fair, the big projects announced for 2020 are for the most part welcome additions or improvements, but as I keep repeating in many topics, you can’t pretend to become an industry standard with such bare/broken tools when it becomes to basic functions in any 3D software like unwrapping/packing.
No sign of BF assigning someone to these, I’m suspecting they consider existing addons worthwhile enough so they don’t have to focus on this in priority.


We had a GSoC student who tried to upgrade the packing algorithm to something very efficient, when it worked.

It was an iterative algorithm that would constantly rejigger the islands to produce less and less wasted space, but it had an issue where it would sometimes accept worse results, which was then repeated and the final layout looked ugly. The student never got around to fixing that and getting the code in master.

Anyway, when it comes to core production features, the BF should probably put a stop to the Open Movie Projects at least temporarily. The intent of the movies was to push the development of needed tools, features, and enhancements (which worked very well for the first several projects), but they appear to have become relatively useless in this regard.

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Uv tools it’s final part of the puzzle for blender , everything has rewritten from scratch except the uv tools😀 but we will get there soon or later

Check this video if you haven’t already seen it. I don’t love Blenders UV toolset, but it’s absolutely usable if you know how to leverage what’s there.

If you use this as a hobbyist or someone who don’t need to optimize UVs, yeah it’s useable.
For professionals working in the video game industry who need tight and efficient UV tools, it doesn’t cut it at all. So many features are missing, thanksfully addons are helping greatly, I have like 5 of them running constantly.

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