Having to learn about uefi GTP GUIDs and all that But Blender is what I want to love

So hey I wish to do 3d modeling I love it that I have learned how to model and put textures on it. But now I need to have a way also to bring in the money for sure as well. So I have created www.file4disk.com I have been working with computers from the time of the 8088 8086 IBM PC XT and AT Mechanical Hard drives and when they thought no one would ever use any more than 32KB of memory. Back then a 2086 processor was fast and then processors like the Pentium II came out and I used to beat the devil out of hard drives with photoshop. I like knowing how to clone partitions and drives. A person can not be successful doing anything with computers if they do not know how to backup their data OR THEIR OS. Its a shit tun of work to set up a OS with all the little utilites and programs that we use for creating 3d models. Its just as important to backup or C drive as it is our data drives. You would think a person could just copy and paste the OS but it just does not work that way. YOu need to boot up to an alternative OS like linux. Its a cake walk to work with MBR and old school boot but the time is coming that a computer may only have the UEFI secure boot and bitlocker and keys and GUID and GPT. But Blender is something I crack open everyday and review what I have learned. Im looking into the 10gbit ethernet and using fiber over USB to transfer files. Im also looking at different configurations of NAS that does have 10Gbit speeds. Ethernet used to be 10-then n100 then 1000 but now its possible for the desktop to utilize a pipe that is yet 10 times larger for data transfer through both cat7 and fiber. 10000 So like when you look at a network card it says 10-100-1000 but the mellenox cards are 10000 . If it were not for my muscle memory in photoshop and excel I would dog windows and go with linux. This forum has offered me a way to learn a fabulous program that I can design STUFF… I have a new vehicle I wish to make a 3d model of and can not wait to get back to my 3d modeling. Im a Blender Fan boy and screw you if you don’t like it ! I love start trek the next generation and keep watching it. I grew up in a family of artists and we had a picture frame shop in our house and my mother was a fine artists and my father was a cobalt/ programmer. HIs first computer was a APPLE II and then a Lisa Then a IBM AT We have come along ways from they days when fonts were raster and jagged. Photoshop ver 3 was kick ass and I love that program. I love what the actions can do. I extend my thanks to all those who have helped me on this forum. I started www.file4disk.com because I refuse to use a system does not have a proven clone of its OS. The newer UEFI and secure boot setups are not the cakewalk that MBR is. A guy can not so easily clone his OS if its setup as UEFI as the whole premiss is to prevent someone from sticking a USB boot flash and have the ability to access everything. I have learned how to do most everything in blender - My next topic of study will be lighitng. I am a bit confused about how lighting works in blender and also how the camera works. Its got some funky stuff going on with that camera. Like i have to rotate it on one axis before I rotate it on the other or I will not be able to rotate it as I wish. AND I can not figure out why I can not just make my camera the size I want to make it. I just have to play with it tell I get it someone close to what I want. Evee kicks ass and it proveds me a great way to present things quickly. My focus is not so much on animation and on one project I am working on with text a few animation keys were put in somehow and when I render it it changes. Blew me away at first. I hope to learn python more and how to setup a small render farm. Here in Little Cody Wyoming I have Fiber Optic to my door and that is a treat compared to the days of the dial up. The solid state hard drives have been a blessing for sure. The bottle neck in those pentium computers was the hard drive more so than anything else and it is funny to see how fast a windows xp computer is on a i7 dell with a ssd. Hey Xp is a great OS if you run older software and your just using it offline. Its just that it does not support USB 3. well win 7 makes a great offline setup. It will still run the latest blender if you have the right graphics card. I purchased a used Alienware R17 laptop and restored the OS by using a win pro for a optiplex. It got rid of t he bloatware. It has a 1070 GTX and it works for blender I would not recommend it for what it was made for though. It wont plug into my HDMI TV without flashing and going black but it works with a HP monitor so thats ok. It makes a great CAD system.