Having trouble attaching a head to a make human body.

I am attempting to append a make human body into a file with a head I have modeled from scratch. Once I turn the two objects into one object I go into edit mode and attach the head to the body. All seems well until we render then there is a thick shadow line around the neck where the two objects are attached. Has anyone encountered this issue before and if so did you discover any solutions?

If I take the smooth option off by pressing the flat button the shadow line disappears however I would like to use the smooth option as it looks good without the heavy processor work of a subdivide modifier. If I crank the subdivide render up to 4 it goes away and looks great however it is render heavy and takes time to render, would much rather use the smooth option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Are there any faces left inside the neck area where that thick line is? Delete any internal faces covering neck opening
Select all mesh vertices, W - Remove doubles and Ctrl-N recalculate normals.

This usually helps to get mesh in order.

There should be a sticky at the top of the forum for this…

“Black lines, spots or faces at render time? Check your normals! Remove the doubles!”


Edit: Just what Eppo said… a little faster than me.