Having trouble baking normals :(

Hi folks,
I’ve always had problems with baking textures, not sure what I’m doing wrong, since I feel like I’m following tutorials and whatnot to a T but the problem persists.

This is a Shelf Basket I’m trying to bake from a high poly to a low poly-

But no matter what the model doesn’t want to do so correctly.

Any help on why its so hard or how to do it better or maybe even if there’s a software made just for baking anything at all is helpful, thanks!!

Here’s the blend file in case you wanna try it yourself.

The high and low poly models should be in the same place. It doesn’t look like they are.

They are, I just made a duplicate of the high poly and placed next to it so you can see the difference.

First, the lowres object shouldn’t intersect the highres object and/or making a good cage object is a help (your ‘bloated’ object is not suitable here)
Second, the modifiers on the ‘lowPoly’ are set to invisible in the viewport but they are enabled for the rendering, which also affects the baking process… They should be turned off for rendering also.


What do you mean by “the lowres object shouldn’t intersect the highres object”? I thought that they had to be sitting on top of each other for the baking process to work.

And with the cage, how do I go about making a proper working cage? I read that taking the lowres object and Alt+Sing it to make it all bigger on itself was enough. What does it actually need to be a proper cage?

And yea, I forgot to delete the modifiers for the lowres and bloated objects whoops lol

Putting in another copy of the exact same model fixed pretty much all the issues I was having with this bake for some reason.
Whatever, I’m taking it and running! lol

Still, any more tips and pointers are more than welcome when it comes to baking normals!
And thanks Secrop for the help!