Having Trouble Converting PLEASE HELPP

Hi every 1 i am having trouble converting a OBJ file to a file that will work in blender i dont know were to look. If some 1 knows a programe that can do this or some other whay please let me know thnx

Blender supports OBJ files . . . use the Import option.

yeah i imported it but it still is the darn cube what im i doin wrong?

First of all, delete the cube. It won’t go away just because you import another mesh.

Second, your mesh may be very small once imported. After the import, try scaling up (S key, then move the mouse around).

Hope that helps. If not, try posting a link to the OBJ so someone else can test it.

i got it THANK U SOOO MUCH i now can make fully custome halo movies MWAHAHAHAHAHA