Having trouble implementing IK constraint on Canine legs

Okay so first things first, this mesh I am rigging is two legged but the legs are canine like so have three bones in the actual legs besides the one in the foot. I am trying to use IK constrain with a pole target to animate it, but I am having trouble. So I have rigged canine legs like this successfully in the past, but this time there is a diffence.

If you look at that pictures you will see that the hip bone shifts inward to the root bone. I had to do this because of how the mesh is shaped. The problem is IK with pole targets on three bone legs is meant to be straight on the X axis but my hip bone moves inward. This is a problem because when I left the foot the Ik takes the curve of the hip bone into account and twists the top joint to the side, and using the pole target doesn’t straighten it out because the pole target only twist one of the joints in the chain.
You can see an example of thi in these pics

In this one the the IK bone for the foot is raised up from rest pose so the legs bones are bent on the Y axis.
But in this one you can see that I moved the IKs pole target bone right but the two joints in the chain didn’t rotate together.
How do I set up the IK so all the joints in the leg rotate together when the pole target is translated to straighten it out?

That’s tricky with 3 chain IKs… have you tried using a layer with a straight chain of bones using the ik for the rotations?

Does anybody else give up on IK constraints, and just use Auto IK instead? Or is it just me … ?

using Free IK, but yes :smiley: I very much hope IK is going to be a thing of the past rather sooner than later.