Having trouble Importing/appending downloaded materials

I have downloaded a couple of different materials from the blender materials repository and I can’t seem to figure out how to get them properly uploaded to Blender for use on projects.

I tried the regular way of going to file, append/link, and finding the .blend file in the Blender file browser. Once I choose the material I want to import, nothing seems to happen though, and I can not find the material anywhere to apply to an object.

Is it necessary for me to download that script thing I have been hearing about on the material repository website? I am running Blender version 2.68a and have been working primarily with cycles.

Any help is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks!

After you have appended the material you will be able to apply it to an object by first ensuring you have a materiial slot created and then selecting the material from the regular drop down list of materials (the icon to the left of the material slot name)