Having trouble keeping the headers showing on top

I very much dislike having view port headers on the bottom, and unfortunately for me that’s Blender’s default for the most part, if not all of it. But I can’t seem to get Blender to keep the headers on top.

For the first time in years I finally stopped being lazy and was attempting to setup a nice and tidy startup file that could retain all of my preferences (so I don’t have to be changing stuff on the fly every time like always), and I noticed it didn’t retain my header preferences. In fact, I didn’t need to go as far, blender just reverts the headers back to their default position every time you open a new view port.

Is there a way to make it keep the headers on top? Or to change the default header position?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: And just by the way, is there a way to load older blend files without loading their workspace layout? Because this kind of defeats the purpose of the startup file, since they were created before that, and most of them are inconsistent with my new layout.

There is a preference for this: File>load UI (don’t check it, and your startup file setup will be used for every file you open.

As for the other, you might want to set up several screens the way you like and switch back and forth as you work. Any changes you make to the default screens before saving your startup will be saved in that file as well. There is no direct way to make the top position default, although you could make a shortcut for that menu item, because you don’t have enough shortcuts to remember already!

Windows and their header positions get saved in startup.blend like any other blend file. Header position of new windows are in same position as the window the new window was dragged or split from.

Edit: This is the behavior I see in Blender Win64.


Ah yes, you’re right. I’ve been using the recent files too often that I didn’t remember I had that option when opening files. I could’ve sworn Blender had that, but just couldn’t remember where. Thanks.

As for the rest, yes that’s one way to do it. And I do have some layouts I created but I hardly ever remember using them… For some reason I never got myself used to them. Good time as any to start doing so.

But if I need another change I’ll still have to be doing adjustments anyway. I guess it’s one of those inconsistencies Blender still needs fixed, then. I created a shortcut for it as you suggested, it’ll be useful if I ever need to create a new layout.

Thanks again.

That’s true. But unfortunately it’s only true until you change the view port’s… editor type… thingy (forgot the name…). For example, you split the 3D view, all is fine, then change it to UV editor, header goes to the bottom…
Well, that’s the behavior I get. I’m on win64 too.

Just one more thing, a bit out of context, but I just noticed it and I dont’ think it justifies a new thread. I just installed 2.68, and it’s where I’m making all the adjustments I need, etc. I imported my 2.63 key bindings and the “snap type” shortcut wasn’t working. So I went to check the inputs, and:

In 2.63 (I don’t know about the next versions), if you search the input list for “snap” you’ll get “snap type -> Shift Ctrl Tab” (this is the shortcut to swap the snapping to Increment, Vertex, Face, etc), I searched the same in 2.68’s defaults and it’s not even there. When I created it the same way I created in 2.63, instead of being called “snap type” it’s called “TRANSFORM_OT_snap_type” and it just doesn’t work at all…

I tend to use this quite often so it’s a bit unfortunate. Does this happen to you too, or is it that I somehow managed to mess it up already?