Having trouble making a FPS.

Anyone with knowledge of python.I could really use some help.I would like a simple script to make the mouse movement make the camera look around like in most of the new FPS’s out there.Maybe you could use an empty parented to a camera or somthing like that.
I have looked all over in the forums and still haven’t found what I’m looking for.I tried to use a script Player.py that came with the Squish the bunny Blender game demo. It worked sort of ,but a lot of the properties were all linked together in the script so some of the lines have error messages,and using a pre written script that was written for another file caused some movement and gravity issues.I wish Blender had a mouse look controller built in it would make it alot easier.Someone anyone Please HELP ME!!!

Search the forum for “mouse look”.

Yes, please do a search, this kind of thing comes up WAY too often.


Have you done your two classic arcade games yet?

Hey thanks for all your input ,I have found somthing that will work.I’ll post some pics of the game when its a little further along.Happy Blending.