Having trouble making a stair out of a cube or plane

I’ve read some tutorials, but I think I’m doing something wrong.

I’m trying to make a simple stair that I can put a uvmapped texture onto.

One stair represented by one solid, textured by one image. I can make somethign that looks like a stair, but when I try to make a uvmap or texture on it parts of the image are always stretched rather than being 1:1 like I think they should be. I think I must be making the model wrong to begin with.

For the cube what I do, is make a cube 1/4 the size of the stair. I extrude a face x+1, y-1, and z+1. I do this on 3 faces of the smaller cube to make what looks like a stair. This can be seen in my attachment.

For the plane I do the same thing similarly, with a few more extrudes.

I made an image to show the wireframe of what I get when I extrude a cube or a plane to make my stair. Is there a better way to be modeling this?

Thanks for your help,

i wouldn’t expect any issue to come up depending on how you start that model. but the uv unwrap method you use will be an issue. try the other types of uv unwrapping, smart unwrape and project from view are pretty useful.
the only idea i have for why theres any difference at the start is a cube is 3d, the plane 2d, so you’ll have a planer or cube uv map applied to the mesh to start with… the default mapping is basically always reworked. hth

Of course it will take you a long time to create a flight of stairs this way where using an array modifier on an object will cut modelling time down drastically.

Here is the quick take on your stairs:

I started with plane, subdivided once in Edit mode (pic A).

Erased top right vertex and extruded it (pic B).

In pic C, I cleaned the vertex at the back corner a little to reduce vertex count (which is not necessary for this case) and marked the edges. Before UV unwrap “Conformal” setting was picked under UV Calculation tab in under Edit Mode. And you get good unwrap without a fuss in UV window. Note that I did scaled UV sets down a little to give painting margin.


I know it’s 10 days late, but I’d like to offer a help.

  1. Create a plane.


Go into Edit Mode and zoom in so you can see the smaller grid.

  1. Scale (S) it down while holding down the Ctrl key.


  1. Remove the lowe-left vertex. You should have two edges and 3 vertices.


  1. While holding down the Ctrl key, move it down to the lower-right; the two vertices should only touch the dark-colored grid if you’re holding down the Ctrl key.


  1. Be sure you select all of the vertices and duplicate the edges until you have about 20 edges total. After that, hit W and remove doubles.


  1. Do the following steps (hold down the CTRL key while you perform these steps). For each step, make sure it’s snapped to grid and centered.

6a. Switch to side (NUMPAD3) and rotate the stair 90 degrees to the right.

6b. Switch to front (NUMPAD1) and rotate the stair 180 degrees. Get it snapped to grid and centered to the cursor.

6c. Switch to top (NUMPAD7) and rotate the stair 90 degrees to the right.


The stair is now ready to be extruded.

  1. While in top (NUMPAD7) and holding the Ctrl key down, move the stair two grid units to the left (smaller grid). From there, hit E > Regional, and extrude two grid units to the right.

  2. Open up the UV Map Editor to the right by splitting the view into 2. While the faces are selected (check in Face Edit Mode), hit U, Unwrap (Smart Projection), uncheck Stretch to Bound, and click OK.

It should look like this when done correctly. I scaled the faces to 7 while holding down the Ctrl key.


Sorry for the late response on this. I want to thank everyone for their input. ridix’ post was particularly useful in achieving my goal. The other posts were very informative as well.