Having trouble making gears orbit eachother

Hey guys. Im trying to model out an idea i had but im having trouble getting the basic mechanics to work. Im trying to have the outside gear be attached to the arm and remain it’s spin to replicate the gear motion. When I try parenting the gear to the arm rotor it then ceases to rotate on it’s orbit.
Im sure for this theres probably a few ways to achieve the desired effect but so far im stuck.
Whats the best way to attach this sucker and make the gears move? Thanks!

Look into using drivers for this. You’ll be doing some basic math based on the ratio of teeth.

Ill look into that again, I started off that way but had some trouble and tried a different strategy. is it not possible to have motors attached to other motors?

Once i connect the two the secondary motor stops… I feel like this should work but maybe parenting has to be specific?
also my gear ratios should be correct, and I think the rigid physics is all set up (very new to this part of blender, obviously), but my objects are still going right through each other as well. Spent a lot of time trying to solve this and not getting anywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roNw6C7uJhg&feature=youtu.be

Rigid body sims will not be helpful here.

You need to setup drivers for your planetary gears and your sun gear, both driven by your arm rotor.

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