having trouble rigging my character

i dont understand how to attach my characters boot to her leg.its a seperate object.
any help???

one other question…how do u switch bones in weight paint???

you could try this
In object mode select the boot then shift select the character. from the menu select object / jion or ctrl j
Alternately parent the boot to the character. not always a good idea.
From object data panel (Inverted triangle icon) select vertex group for each bone
Alternately select vertex groups in the outliner. more complicated unless you use the outliner a lot.

well i stated my 1st question wrong.

i dont understand how to assign my characters boot to the bone leg…
again its seperate from the main body.i want 2 keep it that way so i can hide it if i want to.

hey well nevermind. i finally figured out how 2 do it. i parented my boot 2 the armature skeleton. tks thou! :smiley: