Having trouble rigging my model with his armor.

Hi there, I recently created a model for my game in Blender.
The game will be programed in DarkBASIC pro not the blender game engine.
My model consist of the model itself and his armor.
The armor was a separate mesh (I still have a backup with it separate), but then I used Control + J to combine it with my model because programming my game will be MUCH easier with everything as one model.
The problem is when I parent my model to the armature only the base of the model moves not the armor.
Is there a way I can manually set it so my armor pieces move with a certain bone?
Or is there anything that I can do to get my armor to move with my model?

Here are some screenshots (note that the armature is a test armature and I will make the full armature once I know how to get the armor to move with the rest of the model):


Edit: Okay, I just heard of weight painting. I’ll look into this more. I think this might be what I need.

If you’ve already got vertex groups for the body you can just apply a 1.000 weight for the armor to the right vertex group. Select the body with l and press h to hide it, then go to edit mode on the armor, open the Vertex Groups tab (under the Object Data panel), select for example the forearm vertex group, select the forearm part of the armor and press Assign with 1.000 weight. Then just repeat this for every bone (vertex group).

Weight painting the armor could make it look ugly if you’re not careful because metal isn’t supposed to deform.

That worked, thanks.